Pet Hood

Bawa Pet Hood, the elite pet care store is a facility in downtown Phagwara, where you can find various kind of pet products, including food, medicines, accessories, essentials, toys, etc. Our pet products, aim to bring a great experience for your pet, whether a dog, cat, fish, bird or any other small animal.

Problems in finding quality pet products:

Quite commonly, pet owners face a number of problems while shopping for their pet. The two primary hurdles are - Determining the best available products for a pet, considering specificities like - benefits, durability, ease of use, hygiene, etc. And, then locating a store where all these products could be available.
In addition to that, new pet owners usually don't have enough expertise while choosing a product from a number of different brands, and are unable to nurture their pet appropriately . That is why, Bawa Pet Hood is always there to help you choose the ideal products for your pets, from the best available brands in the market. Further, when shopping for pet related equipment, we often have to travel around places and visit different shops, to gather separate items for our pet. Whereas at Bawa Pet Hood, you can avail every pet related product under one roof, thus ensuring you a hassle-free pet care solution.

Quality Assurance

Likewise, to repose your shopping experience, we make sure that all the pet products available with us are manufactured by leading brand names - both national and international, and are thoroughly tested for their quality, durability and reliability. We follow such a clear cut approach because we know, raising a pet, is a work of diligence, affection and compassion. Also, we understand the adorable relation you share with your beloved pet.

Our Pet Product Range

Being the specialists of pet care, we supply different food items, medicines and accessories for your pets. Irrespective of the type of pet you are fostering, we have specific goods for different animals, such as - dogs, cats, birds, fishes, etc. And to elaborate our services further, here is a detailed insight on our product range:-

Pet Food: Prescribed Pet Food, Dog Biscuits, Canned Dog Food, Cat Food, Bird Food, Aquarium Fish Food, Pet Treats.

Pet Healthcare and Grooming Pet Soaps, Shampoos and Conditioners; Brushes and Combs; Flea & Tick remover, Odor remover.

Pet Food: Chains, Collars and Muzzles, Cages, Pet Apparel, Bowls, Feeders and Pet Toys.