About Us

Present Day

Today, Bawa Groups specialize in providing a wide array of medicines and drugs, including Active Pharmacy Ingredients, Qualitative Drugs, Fine Intermediates and other High Quality Branded and Generic Medicines to our customers. In addition to that, we also deal in the best available Pet Products and Accessories, Premium Healthcare Products and Equipment, and Rehabilitation Aids and Equipment, as well. Additionally in 2014, Bawa Groups have inaugurated a full-fledged Amul Parlour in the city, known as the Bawa Ice Castle. This Parlour serves all the perquisite products from Amul, including Ice-creams, Milk Shakes, Chocolates, Yogurt, Buttermilk, Sweetened Milk, etc. to the people of Phagwara.

Future Plans

Future Plans for Bawa Groups, include the long term goal to become the best pharmaceutical service provider in the whole Punjab and eventually in the entire North India, as well. Moreover, Bawa Groups already provide their services across geographies around the world as per different customer requirements. Further, we are looking forward to start a 24x7 online E-commerce store, so that our customers can directly order medicines and medical equipment right from their homes and can receive them without visiting the store